2007-04-13  Sven Over  <>

	* Released version 0.5.4.

2007-03-06	Michael Riepe  <>

	* Report missing frames in GOP while indexing.

2007-02-12	Michael Riepe  <>

	* Write proper GOP time_code values when exporting.

2007-01-30	Michael Riepe  <>

	* Added workaround for div/0 bug in ffmpeg.

	* Added missing ChangeLog entry. :-)

2007-01-28  Sven Over  <>

	* Applied patch for SConstruct file by Ingo Saitz, as forwarded to me
	by Christian Marillat.

	* Fixed 2 compiler warnings in mpegmuxer.cpp.

	* Christian Marillat reported build problems on alpha, where the
	__bswap_constant_xx macros seem not to be available. Changed defines
	in defines.h not to use them anymore.

2007-01-26	Michael Riepe  <>

	* Integrated Windows port by Olivier Raoul.

	* Added XML generation feature by Ralph Glasstetter.

2006-09-24  Michael Riepe  <>

	* Moved global settings to a separate class.

	* Changed jog_offset to type double. The default is now 0.4.

	* Updated ChangeLog ;-)

	* Added configurable jog slider patch from Ralph Glasstetter.

2006-09-23  Michael Riepe  <>

	* Added more configuration settings.

2006-09-22  Michael Riepe  <>

	* Made mouse wheel resolution configurable.

2006-09-21  Michael Riepe  <>

	* Added selectable resolutions for the mouse wheel (via
	modifier keys).

2006-09-18  Michael Riepe  <>

	* Fixed yesterday's patch. The messages should be gone now.

2006-09-17  Michael Riepe  <>

	* Modified the indexer to suppress most "inconsistent video
	PTS (-1696)" message.

2006-09-05  Michael Riepe  <>

	* Added all existing bug fixes from

2005-12-16  Sven Over  <>

	* Release 0.5.3.

2005-12-15  Sven Over  <>

	* Important bug fixes in the DVBCUT muxer.

	* Fixed a bug in the audio player function, which caused no audio to
	be played in certain situations.

	* Fixed a bug in saving the index file, which caused an "Invalid index
	file" error when loading the index.

	* New items in the "View" menu: "Full size", "Half size" and "Quarter
	Size". Also added a "-geometry" option with the correct display size
	to the command line when spawning the embedded MPlayer.

	* The DVBCUT muxer is now available in two variants: apart from the
	one which creates DVD compliant (well, hopefully) program streams,
	there is now also one for plain program streams. The latter has no
	fixed pack size (DVD demands 2048 bytes fixed pack size), and no
	special placeholder packs for DVD navigation data. (Tech note: audio
	buffers are as big as 49152 bytes, as opposed to 4096 in the DVBCUT
	DVD muxer. This is to circumvent problems because of the very big
	video stream packs.) It creates files that are a few percent smaller
	than the DVD muxer, as muxing overhead is considerably smaller.

2005-12-11  Sven Over  <>

	* Release 0.5.2.

	* Replaced the menu items for exporting MPEG program stream and MPEG
	transport stream by one item "Export video". When selected, a new
	dialog window appears, in which you can choose the output format.
	Apart from the libavformat-based program stream and transport stream
	output formats, now also a DVBCUT muxer is available which writes
	DVD compliant program streams. The muxer is still subject to testing.

	* The "Play" menu now has a submenu "Audio track", in which the user
	can choose which audio track to play when clicking on "Play audio"
	or when starting the embedded MPlayer.

	* AC3 support added. Both the transport and the program stream reader
	can read AC3 streams (tested with DVB and DVD material, respectively).
	AC3 gets decoded for the "Play Audio" menu items. Writing AC3 has been
	tested with the libavformat PS and TS muxers as well as with the new
	DVBCUT muxer.

	* Implemented mmapped reading of input files.

	* Added "Recent files..." submenu to the "File" menu. The information
	is saved by means of the Qt QSettings mechanism, in a file

2005-11-27  Sven Over  <>

	* Release 0.5.1.

	* Numerous small fixes.

	* While indexing an input file, show a progress bar and a cancel
	button in the status bar of the DVBCUT window.

	* Show busy mouse cursor while decoding video and while loading or
	indexing video.
	* Incorporated the sources of the FFMPEG libraries (libavcodec,
	libavformat, libavutil) into the DVBCUT source directory. This will
	ease the install procedure significantly for those who do not have
	these libraries installed or have installed an incompatible version.

	* Introduced SCons as build utility. A Makefile is also provided,
	which calls SCons.

2005-11-21  Sven Over  <>

	* First public release.