Binary packages of DVBCUT are presently available for Debian only. To compile the sources of DVBCUT yourself you need:

On a Debian system, the following packages should do the job: libqt3-mt-dev qt3-dev-tools scons libao-dev libmad0-dev liba52-0.7.4-dev.

DVDCUT makes use of the FFMPEG libraries for decoding and encoding video frames, for decoding audio data, and for writing MPEG program streams and transport streams. To ease the installation procedure, DVBCUT comes now with the necessary sources of FFMPEG. If you want to use your already installed FFMPEG libraries, follow the instructions in the file README.ffmpeg.

To install DVBCUT, just download the current release, untar it, enter the DVBCUT directory and type 'make'. You may type 'make install' as root user afterwards.

Furthermore, an installed MPlayer will enable you to play the videos inside DVBCUT, which makes browsing the video material much easier. (The MPlayer binary has to be named mplayer and has to be in a directory in your PATH.)